Orchid Express
National Museum of Natural History
December 2004 - May 2005

Every year the Horticulture Services Division of the Smithsonian Institution and the United States Botanic Garden join forces to co-sponsor an extravagant orchid exhibit. The location of the exhibit rotates between the two institutions and in 2005 it was hosted at the National Museum of Natural History.

When the exhibit staff decided they wanted to incorporate a garden railway into the exhibit, they turned to WVMGRS club member Jeff Mitulla, who provided consulting on layout design and train operations. Several other club members also lent a hand by serving as volunteer docents at the exhibition.

To see more about this exhibit, visit the Smithsonian's website.

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Image courtesy of Horticulture Services Division of the Smithsonian Institution
The Orchid Express passenger train whisks through the village
The Orchid Express freight train brings a load of orchids down from the mountains
Stop and smell the chocolate!!

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