Team Layout work party at Jack and Mary Mullen's
September, 2006

(Click on image for full-size picture)
Photos courtesy of John Waters-Heflin

Layout is a double track dog-bone built on the side of an approximate 20 hill in the Mullen's short back yard. Track is not installed, but a few pieces are laid out for effect and feel.
The full layout is slightly under 100' in length...end to end.
A worm's eye view. Posts will be painted in a blend in color and Mary plans on attaching poultry wire to support a long line of a small ivy, which in time will grow to cover the entire front of the layout...ground up to the track supports for a more finished garden RR look.
A near level view of the main line with siding structure. This picture with sample track laid out to get the feel for how the upper structure will look once track is installed. The entire layout will be controlled from inside the screened in porch with two AristoCraft TE RC systems. Switches will be (four) LGB 16050 and 16150's and also controlled from inside the porch.

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