WVMGRS Display at the Chantilly Greenberg Train and Toy Show
August 28-29, 2010

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Photos courtesy of Ralph Fox, Rin Musser, Scott Meyer, & Sue Schmaltz

Before the Fire Marshall arrived!
After the mountains were removed

Burlap Blues
Rin Musser

Please Mister Fire Marshall don't shut us down!
We just want to watch our trains go round and round.
The children all squeal with delight, when the trains disappear from sight,
into portals of burlap majestic high!
Their towering textured peaks with flecks of mulch reaching out
so the trains run fast and far.

Please Mr. Fire Marshall don't make the kiddies cry,
by taking down our burlap mountains from the sky!

We all know our sculptured range with its wisps of mulch,
could light our make believe sky, if a hot cinder found its mark!
Not to worry our burlap has been treated!
Furthermore, all our locos smoke comes from a bottle!

Mister Fire Marshall we know you are just doing your job,
we don't want our burlap mountains ablaze,
with a room full of haze.
We can assure you if there is smoke, it only comes from one of our
LGB or Aristo locos and not our burlap slopes.

The Society's pleas fell on deaf ears, the Burlap Mountains
with their mulched flecked peaks, ridge lines
and slopes were ordered down!

With the burlap peaks and valleys gone, our trains dashed across
the concrete plains searching for tunnels in vain.
No tunnels to pop in or out, just some table legs to run by.

The tunnel portals are in their boxes, the burlap banned from the track,
someday we hope to get them back.

The Kids stood their ground, none left when the mountains came down!
For a moment they had a frown, but then they looked around,
the trains were still running.

The silence was broken with a child's clear voice:
"It will take more than a Fire Marshall's Reg. to shut this pike down!"


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