Team Layout - Bruce Newcomer's outdoor layout
July 5, 2011

(Click on image for full-size picture)
Photos courtesy of John Waters-Heflin

John W-H and Pat Hollern have the task of leveling track in preparation for ballasting.
Chris Kline, Bruce and Steve Bittinger applying ballast to leveled sections of track.
Test running on completed track yet to be ballasted.
Bruce's layout looking up towards the long sweeping tunnel at one end.
The other end of the layout showing where the track enters/exits trough a window to/from the inside layout.
So many, many pine needles to sweep. Bruce stepping over track to get to more. Photo of mid point in the layout.
Finished stretch of dual track ballasted with Gator Brand coarse polymer stone.
Steve Bittinger preparing track for its first application of polymer ballast.
Close up section of track waiting to dry before adding its final coating of ballast.

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