Monthly Membership in the society will entitle you to attend the monthly meetings and numerous member-hosted “Fun Runs” as well as a subscription to the monthly WV&M Line newsletter. Member presentations at the monthly meetings include tech tips and demonstrations that will help you get the most out of your garden railroad experience. The newsletter is available as a PDF file sent once per month to the email address associated with your membership account. If you would like to receive the newsletter in hardcopy, please contact the Membership Chairman.

Dues are $20 per year for individual membership or $30 per year for family membership, due at the end of the calendar year. Dues are prorated depending on the month of the year you join. (See the schedule in the membership application for details.)

For membership information contact:

Shel Cullison
Interim Membership Chairman
6530 Little Falls Road
Arlington, VA 22213

Print and complete the membership application, then send it to the address above along with your payment. Pro-rated membership fees are listed on the application. 

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